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Sedicanter Decanter Centrifuge

06.05.2015 The Flottweg Sedicanter separates solids from liquids in cases where the  solids form a soft to flowable sediment. Such separations prove difficult for a standard decanter.

Sedicanter Decanter Centrifuge

The device combines the advantages of a separator and a decanter (Picture: Flottweg)

According to the manufacturer, the device combines the advantages of a separator and a decanter and is able to achieve an optimum result due to its adjustable impeller. It clarifies the suspension in a similar manner to a centrifugal separator, i.e. it yields a clarified centrate. At the same time, it processes a large amount of accumulating sediment after the manner of a decanter – and discharges a dry solid in the outfeed. It thus accomplishes the separation of solids that are extremely difficult to separate by sedimentation by subjecting them to an acceleration of up to 10,000 × g. A hygienic design permits applications in biotechnology. The device is available with the tried-and-tested Simp-Drive and its adjustable impeller ensures that it can cope flexibly with the fluctuating composition of the feed product. For gas-tight operation it is possible to seal the separation space off from the ambient air using inert gas.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • up to 10,000 × g
  • separator and a decanter
  • hygienic design

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