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The CHEMPARK and the companies based there must intermesh perfectly to generate maximum synergy effects that extend far beyond those offered by plug&play solutions. (Bild: Currenta)

The portfolio extends from the production of basic and fine chemicals through to the manufacture and processing of polymers, active ingredients and other chemical products. Around one third of total chemical production in North-Rhine Westphalia takes place here. Furthermore, CHEMPARK is home to global players in the Life Sciences, agricultural chemistry and materials sectors. More than 48,000 people from 50 countries work at the three sites in over 70 companies. CURRENTA operates and manages CHEMPARK. As a result, the research, development and production companies in the chemical industry and associated sectors resident here can focus on their core operations. Whenever the need arises, the chemical park companies can draw on a comprehensive portfolio of around 1,000 professional services. What’s more, all three sites have outstanding transport connections. CHEMPARK gives investors access to exclusive networks, such as the substance network (“Verbund”). This makes it possible to harness synergies, optimize process chains and reduce costs e.g. for utilities, waste management, production, logistics and other essential activities.

Substance Network (Verbund) – the Driving Force for Investments

With its integrated production facilities, CHEMPARK offers investors a wide range of about 10,000 basic materials and products for further processing and creating added value. The focus is on organic and inorganic basic chemicals, petrochemical basic materials and polymers. A network of utility pipelines with a total length of around 1,300 kilometers and an 800-kilometer network of product pipelines provide companies at CHEMPARK with an uninterrupted, safe and reliable supply of utilities in the quantities and qualities required.

Opportunities for Future-oriented Sectors of Industry

In addition, the three chemical sites managed by CURRENTA are connected to the European pipeline system for naphtha, natural gas, ethylene and other petrochemical products. From here, around 350 million consumers can be reached within one day´s journey by truck. CHEMPARK is connected via waterways, railways and freeways and is within easy reach of the international airports of Cologne-Bonn and Dusseldorf.

Beside the chemical industry, the CHEMPARK sites offer exceptional opportunities for other branches. The combination of a very safe production environment and highly skilled services and workers makes it also very attractive for investors coming from sectors such as alternative energies, electric mobility, green chemistry, polymer electronics, recycling, storage technologies, structural materials and water technologies.

Prospects for Companies that Look Ahead

The CHEMPARK structure was created systematically with a view to generating synergy effects. The task now is to further develop the network to make it future-proof and enable other companies to share in its benefits. Stamina and a good eye for suitable services and companies are the key to making CHEMPARK Europe’s most attractive investment location for the chemical industry and its associated sectors.

Company Profile

Strengths of the Three Sites

It was at today’s CHEMPARK sites that some of the global players in life sciences, agricultural chemistry and material sectors took their first steps. For example innovative materials connect the three CHEMPARK sites in the Rhineland. Polycarbonates, polyurethanes and butyl rubbers were invented here. CHEMPARK is still home to facilities and know-how enabling their further development, production and accompanying analysis – activities that make up a core area of its expertise. Another of CHEMPARK’s strengths is the manufacture of silicones and pigments.

CHEMPARK Leverkusen is one of the world’s most versatile locations for the chemical industry, producing more than 5,000 chemicals across an area of 480 hectares. For instance, components for 9 out of 10 product groups used by the automotive industry across the globe are produced at CHEMPARK. It is primarily home to manufacturers of inorganic and organic products, dyestuffs, polyurethanes, rubbers and precursors for pharmaceuticals.
(Available plots: 0.5 to 4 hectares)

Across an area of 360 hectares, CHEMPARK Dormagen offers a wealth of opportunities for companies in the chemical industry. Manufacturers of crop protection agents, plastics, rubbers (tires), polymers (insulating materials, paint components, adhesive components) and organic intermediates are represented at the site, which boasts direct links with the petrochemical industry.
(Available plots: 0.5 to 6 hectares)

The companies based in CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen produce around 2,000 chemicals, primarily polyurethanes, white and color pigments and intermediates for crop protection agents, fragrances and flavors. One of the site’s best-known products is the polycarbonate Makrolon®. Covering an area of 260 hectares, the site is home to the world’s largest production volume of inorganic pigments.
(Available plots: 0.5 to 20 hectares)


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