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Industriepark Höchst (nähe Werksbrücke)

All the roughly 90 companies at Industriepark Höchst make extensive use of a powerful infrastructure that is known for its flexibility, quality and on-time delivery. The 4.6 square kilometer park has consistently outperformed other chemical and pharmaceutical sites in Germany, even in economically difficult times. In 2016, tenants invested EUR 341 million in the park. And total investment since 2000 stands at EUR 6.99 billion – a resounding endorsement of the site’s attractiveness.

Compelling Site Advantages

Industriepark Höchst is an excellent environment for production, research and development, thanks in large part to the industrial services provided by Infraserv Höchst. One unmistakeable advantage is the park’s efficient, reliable infrastructure, which Infraserv Höchst constantly upgrades and tailors to tenants’ specific needs. Its main focus is on waste management and utilities – energy, fluids and raw materials ranging from process steam to water in nine different quality grades. Energy rates are internationally competitive thanks to the site’s highly efficient production facilities and cutting-edge mix of energy sources, from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas to high-calorific-value waste and organic materials for biogas production.

Low energy costs are a key success factor for chemical companies and a locational advantage for Industriepark Höchst’s tenants. The integrated production network ensures high availability and flexibility to respond to market fluctuations. Boasting enough production capacity to cover the site’s enormous demand for energy, Industriepark Höchst has become almost fully energy-autonomous. Industriepark Höchst – powered by Infraserv Höchst.

Sustainable Power Supply

In energy, quality is about more than low prices and high availability. Sustainability matters, too, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. At Industriepark Höchst, tenants can point to a highly efficient energy infrastructure that lowers fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. The on-site energy production plants use co-generation extensively, resulting in high fuel utilization. In fact, one-fifth of the site’s heat demand is met by waste heat from production and incineration plants. These two factors alone – co-generation and waste heat use – cut CO2 emissions by around 500,000 tons each year.

Steam is supplied by incinerators such as the sewage sludge incineration plant. Capable of processing 225,000 tons a year, this facility provides safe, clean disposal of sewage sludge from Industriepark Höchst’s wastewater treatment plant. A separate high-performance plant thermally treats production waste.

High-performance Utilities and Waste Management System

The biggest advantage of Industriepark Höchst is its advanced, high-performance infrastructure: companies can add capacity and build new facilities as needed without having to invest in any infrastructure of their own. Companies who join the Industriepark Höchst community can plug into a complete infrastructure system. When combined with expedited permitting procedures, this means new or expanded production facilities can be up and running very quickly. Fast to market, fast to the customer: Located in the heart of the Rhine-Main Region, Industriepark Höchst has prime access to the national highway and railway systems. Nearly 25 percent of all products and raw materials enter or leave the site by rail. Around 15 to 20 percent are transported by water, arriving on the Main River that runs through Industriepark Höchst. The state-of-the-art port features two high-performance gantry cranes that can transfer containers between trucks, trains and barges.

Another logistics advantage: every major European city can be reached from Industriepark Höchst in under three hours. Frankfurt Airport, the continent’s biggest air hub, is only a few kilometers or ten minutes’ drive away. Industriepark Höchst is Europe’s central park for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Training and Education: Another Site Advantage

Not only that, but the site also offers a wide range of environmental, safety and infrastructure services, from hard facility management to occupational medical care to dangerous goods handling. Another key locational advantage is Provadis, an Infraserv subsidiary and Hesse’s biggest provider of training and further education services. It fills around 400 vocational training slots each year and, through its own university, supplies a deep pool of skilled workers for site tenants and continuing education classes for active professionals.

The magic is in the mix. Given this wide range of locational advantages – infrastructure, site operation, prime location – Industriepark Höchst will continue to shine in the global site competition.

Company Profile:


  • 4.6 million m2 total area, > 500,000 m2 of
  • vacant improved and entitled space
  • EUR 6.99 billion in investment by on-site
  • companies between 2000 and 2016
  • Excellent transport connections
  • Fast processing of building permit applications
  • Optimum integration into a wide-ranging network of production plant and infrastructure facilities, especially for the processing industry

On-site companies:
Home to about 90 companies in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (including Sanofi, Bayer, Clariant, Celanese, LyondellBasell, AkzoNobel, Kuraray, Cargill, Rockwood Lithium, Grillo, Daikin). 22,000 employees

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Infraserv Höchst operates advanced infrastructure for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries. Infraserv Höchst leverages its experience and capabilities in site operation, management and consulting to deliver site excellence for its customers. The company, which operates sites such as Industriepark Höchst, offers services in utilities, waste management, logistics and site services.

The wholly owned subsidiaries in the Infraserv Höchst Group include Infraserv Logistics and Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung.
Numerous service providers are located at Industriepark Höchst, including patent lawyers, planning offices, analytical services, printers, travel services, engineering firms, a courier service, a technical inspectorate, and many others.

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