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This is the spirit that the companies located in the Pharmapark Siegfried and their customers benefit from. The life science cluster of northwest Switzerland takes the lead worldwide.

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It represents a large reservoir of skilled and well-trained employees in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, which is decisive for the success of every company operating in this field. Siegfried is world-class also in terms of compliance. Industry-related inspections by the FDA, the American regulating authority, have for more than 10 years resulted in “no action indicated”. On site, an effective fire brigade enjoys the support of all companies operating in the pharmaceutical park and ensures the highest level of safety.

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In addition to Siegfried, two other companies, Celgene Chemicals and NovoMOF AG, run a production facility on the Pharmapark Siegfried site. The cooperation is tailor-made and not subject to any fixed parameters. The individual needs of the Pharmapark companies are identified and met accordingly.

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Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz AG is responsible for maintenance, repairs, issues concerning safety, health and environment, and security services. This well-respected company is active at other Siegfried locations as well and enjoys wide experience in this field. More than 70 staff members work for Bilfinger at the Zofingen site.

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Supply and waste disposal is carried out by Primeo Industriecontracting GmbH, a subsidiary of the Primeo Group in Münchenstein. Primeo provides all utilities, such as power, gas, steam and pressurized air as well as resources such as water. The company carries out waste disposal, either by means of the company-owned canalization system or to external buyers.

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Moreover, companies operating at Pharmapark Siegfried enjoy access to all services required by a company active in the drug industry and producing under cGMP conditions. Upon request these services include:

Compliance services
– including compliance systems, groundwork for inspections, internal audits, etc.
Maintenance and repairs of plant, machines and buildings
– by certified experts including engineering services
Security services, identity checks and access control
– including reception for visitors, control of suppliers and tradesmen, etc.
Other safety, health and environment services
– incl. fire brigade and medical assistance
Administrative services incl. HR, finance and general administration
– All services are tailor-made and, if required, developed from ground up for our partners, designed for a short period or for long-term service
Supply and disposal
– incl. all utilities and resources
Logistics services incl. incoming and outgoing goods, paperwork, sampling, etc.
– in own SAP or in Siegfried’s SAP
Analytics and other laboratory services as required
– incl. QA and QC services with state-of-the-art equipment

Company Profile

Pharmapark Siegfried is located in the center of the life science cluster of northwest Switzerland. It is situated in close proximity to the international airports of Zurich and Basel, both within easy reach of about one hour.
Pharmapark Siegfried includes buildings with laboratories and sufficient space for new construction (max. 15,000 m2). All necessary approvals have been obtained. The quality standards are among the highest in the world.

Companies located in Pharmapark Siegfried enjoy tailor-made conditions to suit their needs. A suitable model is developed and implemented in coordination with the service providers, Bilfinger Industrial Services AG and Primeo Industriecontracting AG.

The following services are available to our partners in Pharmapark Siegfried:

  • Compliance services
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Security services, identity checks and access control
  • Safety, health and environment services
  • Administrative services incl. HR, finance and general administration
  • Supply and disposal
  • Logistics services
  • Analytics and other laboratory services

The following companies operate from Pharmapark Siegfried:

  • Siegfried AG
  • Celgene Chemicals Sarl
  • NovoMOF AG
  • Elvetix Pharma GmbH
  • Bilfinger Industrial Services AG
  • Primeo Industriecontracting GmbH


Siegfried AG
Peter A. Gehler
Head Pharmapark Siegfried
Untere Brühlstrasse 4
CH-4800 Zofingen
Tel: + 41 62 746 11 44
Fax: + 41 62 746 11 03

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