The companies at the Behringwerke site have a major advantage: they can focus exclusively on the things that are really important to them – research, development, production. They don’t have to worry about suitable buildings, laboratory facilities, energy supplies, IT or transport for their samples and products. This infrastructure and much more is offered to them as site services – by owner and operator Pharmaserv.

Marburg has a long tradition of research and development. Nobel Prize winner for medicine Emil von Behring established the “Behringwerk” in 1904 – thus laying the foundation for an international pharmaceutical company. The companies at the Behringwerke site still follow this tradition today.

Synergies in the Industrial Park

The fact that the Behringwerke specialises in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals makes it attractive to international companies and innovative start-ups alike. This clear focus yields synergies in the areas of production, service, logistics, in the infrastructure and the transfer of knowledge. This applies to both the site itself, the 17 companies employ­ing a total of approx. 5,300 staff and the surrounding area.

High Potential

With around 25,000 students and 2,500 scientists, the Philipps University in Marburg is an important driving force in the region. Marburg is also home to the Max Planck Institute of Terrestrial Microbiology, while the Justus Liebig University in Giessen and Giessen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences are just half an hour away. The result is a strong pool of specialist resources that form a perfect complement to the biotechnology park.

One-stop Services

Besides being located in the perfect environment, the industrial park itself is optimally attuned to the needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Pharmaserv, the owner and operator of the Behringwerke site, employs a staff of about 400 in various specialised areas who offer the services that the companies need, including the expert transport of products and samples, facility management, energy supplies, waste dispos­al, security, occupational medical care, IT and communications. Data security is guar­anteed at all times by a certified computer centre on site.

Laboratories, Offices, Production Facilities

Pharmaserv leases around 100 properties on site, while the facility management services encompass both old and new buildings, maintenance, infrastructure and supplies. Standard and special laboratories can be constructed exactly to the client‘s wishes, fin­ished shells are available for production and can be adapted in line with the client‘s requirements, and office space is also avail­able for lease. In all, the Behringwerke encompasses an area of 67.4 hectares, while the entire industrial park is protected by eight kilometres of fencing and access controls.

Supply Networks

Pharmaserv also offers all the supply and waste disposal services a modern industrial centre needs. The electricity and telecommunications networks alone are each around 100 kilometres long, then there is a 50-kilometre waste water disposal system, 10 kilometres for drinking water and up to 5 kilometres each for supplying steam, compressed air, technical gases and cold water.

Marburg: at the Heart of Germany

Finally, one of the decisive factors for this location is the quality of life that Marburg has to offer. High purchasing power, low unemployment rates, attractive properties and plenty of green areas: Marburg is a city that exudes charm – and its location is also a major draw: at the heart of Germany, easily reached from all directions, just an hour by car from the Rhine-Main conurbation and Frankfurt’s international airport.

Company Profile

Pharmaserv GmbH,
Behringwerke Site Operators

Dr. Martin Egger
Thomas Görge
Peter Michael Weimar

Business areas:

  • Services for companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Infrastructure and service
  • Pharmaceutical logistics and technology for companies all over Germany

Infrastructural services:

  • Building and facility management
  • Data and telecommunications
  • Logistics
  • Occupational and acute medical care
  • Fire prevention and safety service
  • Site security
  • Passenger and works transport
  • Staff parking spaces

Provision of supply networks:

  • Electricity and backup power supplies
  • Steam
  • Compressed air
  • Technical gases
  • Cold water
  • Drinking water
  • Waste water, including a central neutralisation plant


  • CSL Behring GmbH
  • GSK Vaccines GmbH
  • Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Products GmbH
  • Novartis Manufacturing GmbH
  • Dockweiler Chemicals GmbH
  • Beckman Coulter GmbH


Pharmaserv GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 76
35041 Marburg
Tel.: +49 6421 39-14

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Pharmaserv GmbH

Emil-von-Behring-Straße 76
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