Double Barreled, Versatile

SHP 110 Barrel Pump

08.05.2015 Sero offers customised solutions for increased efficiency, greater safety and higher productivity in process engineering.

SHP 110 Barrel Pump

The pump was designed to meet wide-ranging and even challenging requirements (Picture: Sero Pump Systems)

The company‘s side channel pumps are specially designed to meet the requirements of industrial and processing operations in all applications where self-priming ability, entrained-gas capability, low flow – high heads and high pressures are an issue. The SHP 110 Barrel Pump is built to meet wide-ranging and challenging demands, e.g. in HPI (hydrocarbon) processing. The pump comes with a double barrel for increased operational safety and low NPSH values. The nominal pressure is 100 bar (1450 PSI) and the pump complies with API 610.

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • high safety rating
  • nominal pressure 100 bar
  • API 610 compliant

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