Gate to Highly Corrosive Areas

Sliding Gate Valves

04.05.2015 Schubert & Salzer´s sliding gate valves are now also available in special materials. This allows use of the valves in highly corrosive applications. Sliding gate valves provide accurate, fast, and economical control of liquids, steam, and gaseous media.

Sliding Gate Valves

The sliding gate valves – in this case a DN150 valve with integrated positioner – are now also manufactured in special materials for critical applications (Picture: Schubert & Salzer)

Up to now, the bodies of the company‘s sliding gate valves were manufactured only in carbon steel 1.0570 or 1.0619 as well as stainless steel 1.4571 or 1.4581. With immediate effect, sliding gate valves are now also manufactured in Hastelloy, Monel, titanium, 1.4539 stainless steel, and duplex steel. This means that the advantages of these control and stop valves can also be utilized for processes with critical, aggressive, and highly corrosive media. Sliding gate valves in these special materials are available in finely graduated nominal sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 250.

Valves built according to this design principle are extremely short and compact so that they have a very low weight, which can be just 10% of that of a traditional globe valve. Since the valve body is manufactured from barstock material, significantly less material is used, especially in the case of special materials. This is then naturally reflected in the price.

The main advantages of this type of control valves are: Compact design, minimal design space, and minimal weight, low actuation forces, and favorable flow characteristics. Further advantages are: Short stroke for fast and dynamic control, good rangeability, and high control accuracy. Sliding gate valves have a low leakage rate and are insensitive to cavitation. Therefore the noise emission is low and the valve allows high differential pressures.

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Facts for Decision Makers:

  • insensitive to cavitation
  • special materials for corrosive applications
  • high control accuracy