Achema UK 2018

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchanger Range T25

Produktbericht08.06.2018 The new gasketed plate heat exchangers T25 from Alfa Laval are developed for industrial applications. mehr

ecom_Anwendung_Tab-Ex_02 Augmented Reality Applications

Industrial Tablet Tab-Ex 02

Produktbericht07.06.2018 The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom will be presenting the next generation of its groundbreaking tablet series for hazardous areas Tab-Ex at Achema. The industrial tablet combines high performance with applications such as augmented reality. mehr

Vacuubrand vacuu select Roti_SELECT_Fleming(1) Drag and Drop Customization

Vacuu•Select Vacuum Controller

Produktbericht21.05.2018 The Vacuu•Select interactive vacuum controller from Vacuubrand offers a new operating concept for all typical vacuum processes in chemistry labs. A graphical user interface with touchscreen display allows for simple and intuitive data input. mehr

3: Über eine Datenbrille oder eine Smartphone-App werden Anwender oder Monteure während ihres Serviceeinsatzes per Videobild und Audiosignal von einem Experten  geführt. Bild: KSB Remote Servicing Aid

Augmented Reality Supports Pump and Valve Servicing

Produktbericht19.05.2018 A new augmented-reality-based service concept launched by KSB Service requires users or service technicians to don data glasses linked with the Internet or with a smartphone app. mehr

Gemü Füllventil GEMÜ F40 Clean Delivery

Filling Valves

Produktbericht18.05.2018 The F40 and F60 valves from Gemü are the first of a new generation of filling valves. mehr

Isafe ACHEMA_B Communication in Hazardous Areas

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones and Tablets

Produktbericht17.05.2018 At this year's Achema show, Mobile is exhibiting its latest smartphones and mobile phones, tablets and accessories – such as multipens – for ATEX zones 1/21 and 2/22. mehr

Herding Sinterlamellenfilter_mit_Herding_FLAMESTOP Protects Plants and Filter Systems

Flameless Explosion Pressure Relief

Produktbericht16.05.2018 The Herding Flameless is a clean-gas-side, flameless explosion pressure relief on Herding filter systems which is based on the manufacturer´s flame-arresting feature Flamestop. mehr

Hermetic CAM 2_5_orthogr Eight Tons, Hermetically Sealed

Hermetic Redefines Pump Portfolio

Produktbericht16.05.2018 Hermetic has repositioned its pump portfolio and divided it into two areas: E-Line and V-Line. mehr

Siemens Industrial Edge Edge Computing Facilitated

Industrial Edge

Produktbericht16.05.2018 Siemens is introducing “Siemens Industrial Edge”, a digitization platform which can extend automation devices by providing data processing at machine level and by bringing highly developed analysis technology and the intelligence of edge computing to the manufacturing area in a secure way. mehr

Online Tool for Integrated Sizing of Safety Valves

Produktbericht15.05.2018 Leser has developed an online tool for integrated sizing and product configuration of safety valves. mehr

LABOM_PASCALCV4_GV4_Achema Designed for Hygienic Applications

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

Produktbericht15.05.2018 Belonging to the company's new V-line series, Labom's Pascal CV4 pressure transmitter and GV4 temperature transmitter comply with EHEDG and FDA recommendations and are thus suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries and in biotechnology. mehr

ProChem Werk Bensheim Luftbild Custom Manufacturing

Expanded Drying and Pastillation Capacity

Produktbericht14.05.2018 Chemical service provider ProChem GmbH has installed four new vacuum paddle dryers at its Oberthal and Dieburg sites (combined capacity now 10 t/d) and plans to install a pastillation belt for high-viscosity substances at Bensheim by the end of 2018. mehr

Wangen hatte seine hygienische Schraubenspindelpumpe Twin im Messegepäck. Bild: Wangen For Low or High Flow Rates

Hygienic Pumps

Produktbericht13.05.2018 The Hyline progressing cavity pump and the new generation Twin screw pump have recently been launched by Pumpenfabrik Wangen. mehr

Bungartz Pumping Technology Safe Pumping of Extreme Media

Pumps V-AN and MPCV-AN

Produktbericht12.05.2018 The functional models of the special centrifugal pumps made by Bungartz have turned out to be a magnet for visitors at Achema. Visitors can convince themselves of the intrinsically safe pumps’ functionality and put them into operation at the stand. mehr

Pfeiffer Vacuum - PrismaPro MS for Industry

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Produktbericht12.05.2018 Pfeiffer Vacuum's PrismaPro quadrupole mass spectrometer is suitable for both qualitative and quantitative gas analysis as well as leak detection and provides high sensitivity, maximum stability, and intelligent operation in a variety of industrial environments. mehr

Stöcklin Staplerbattreie Litex EXI_16 Explosion-proof Design

Lithium Ion Forklift Battery for Explosion Protection Zone 1 Litex

Produktbericht11.05.2018 Stöcklin has developet a lithium ion forklift battery for explosion protection zone 1. mehr

Bürkert_PM_Stellungsregler_Industrial-Ethernet_Bild1_8792 Positioners with Industrial Ethernet Interface

Positioners and Process Controllers Type 8692 / 8693 + 8792 / 8793

Produktbericht11.05.2018 The new positioners and process controllers Type 8692 / 8693 + 8792 / 8793 from Bürkert, featuring Industrial Ethernet and a büS interface (Bürkert System Bus). mehr

Gericke Sender PTA 20 Minimal Maintenance Conveying

Pneumatic Dense Phase Conveying System

Produktbericht11.05.2018 The PTA/PHF 20 system from Gericke offers all the advantages of pneumatic dense phase conveying: Minimum air consumption; high product loading and throughput; little wear on the piping; and preservation of product quality. mehr

Follow the Flow

In-process Rheology Data Tracking

Produktbericht11.05.2018 Rheostream is a new in-process instrument from Fluidan for tracking rheology data – shear thinning, apparent yield stress, and viscoelasticity – in real time. mehr

Piab piFLOWp_pump_image Wets Harmful Dusts

Vacuum Conveyor with WIP-Function Piflow p

Produktbericht10.05.2018 Piab's vacuum conveyor line for the food and pharmaceutical industries is now available with wet-in-place (WIP) functionality. Customers can give even existing conveyor systems a functional facelift, because the wet-in-place (WIP) spray nozzles are also available for retrofitting in existing Piflow p systems. mehr