Butterfly Valve

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Type 578 Butterfly Valve Less Wear, Better Profitability

Type 578 Butterfly Valve

Produktbericht01.05.2015 GF Piping Systems is showcasing its type 578 butterfly valves in the dimensions DN50 to DN300. They are especially suitable for worldwide use in chemical and water treatment applications. mehr

Tri-Shark Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Performance, Simplicity and Economy

Tri-Shark Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Produktbericht03.04.2015 Zwick has developed the Sharktooth patented throttling trim cartridge which is used to transform the company's triple offset butterfly valves into control valves. mehr

Butterfly Valve Axiom 4 Operates at Any Temperature

Butterfly Valve Axiom 4

Produktbericht17.04.2012 The Axiom 4 from Klinger Schöneberg is a metal-seated high-performance valve with solid body in wafer, wafer-lugged, double-flange, or welded-end design. mehr

PFA/PTFE Butterfly Valves Series NKL-C and NKS-C Compact and Economical

PFA/PTFE Butterfly Valves Series NKL-C and NKS-C

Produktbericht17.04.2012 NKL-C and NKS-C series valves from Richter are available with a PTFE disc/stem unit up to DN 750 (30“) or with a metallic disc/stem unit up to DN 1000 (40“). mehr

Butterfly Valves Triodis Safety Features Included

Butterfly Valves Triodis

Produktbericht16.04.2012 The Triodis valve series from KSB is designed for handling fluids at temperatures ranging from -250 to 200 °C, depending on their properties, and operating pressures of up to 100 bar. mehr