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Compendium of Industrial Parks 2014 Energy and Feedstock Costs are “Mission Critical”

Situation of European Chemical Industry

Fachartikel30.12.2014 EU chemicals sales almost doubled in the last decade. This is the good news. The downside is the fact that in the same period of time the world share of Europe´s chemical industry halved. This figure summarizes the breathtaking development of the globalised industry. While almost everybody is talking about the reindustrialisation of the US, current figures about growth of chemicals-producing nations put developments in perspective. The real powerhouse is China. mehr

Large Projects Ahead

CT list of projects: recently announced investment projects in Europe‘s chemical industry

Fachartikel10.01.2012 In the years ahead Engineers will have a great deal to do. In the period January to December 2011 CT has published more than 150 reports on chemical and petrochemical projects. Our overview covers the European part. mehr