Heat Exchanger

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More Distance, More Efficiency

Wide Gap 100 Heat Exchanger

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Alfa Laval's Wide Gap100 gasketed plate heat exchanger combines a high resistance to fouling and clogging with heat transfer efficiency and compact size. mehr

High Resistance, Low Cost

Tantalum Heat Exchanger

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Alfa Laval´s tantalum heat exchangers offer the exceptionally high corrosion resistance of a solid-tantalum heat exchanger, but at a much lower investment cost. mehr

Excels under Tough Conditions

Duro Shell Plate-and-shell Heat Exchanger

Produktbericht06.05.2015 Alfa Laval Duro Shell is a robust plate-and-shell heat exchanger. mehr

CW Tube Efficiency Gains

CW Tube

Produktbericht04.05.2015 The CW Tube from Gea Luftkühler is an elliptical finned tube offering pronounced efficiency gains for applications like blast furnaces, power-plant coolers, and industrial drying systems. mehr

Hot and Cold

Heat Exchanger

Produktbericht02.05.2012 Zeppelin's heat exchanger for continuous temperature equalization of granular solids ensures high energy efficiency at flow rates of 10 t/h. Uniform warming permits removal of residual monomers. mehr