Industrial Internet of Things

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Oktober 2015 Standardization Council Industrie 4.0

Neues Gremium koordiniert Industrie 4.0-Normung

News21.04.2016 Standards sind toll - jeder sollte eigene haben: Um genau dies zu vermeiden, wollen deutsche Industrieverbände und Normungsorganisationen zur Hannover Messe das „Standardization Council Industrie 4.0“ aus der Taufe heben. mehr

Compendium of Industrial Parks Chemie/Pharma/Biotec 2015 The Next Big Thing?

Industry 4.0 in the Process Industry

Fachartikel21.12.2015 An acid thinking about what it wants to be as it passes through a processing plant? Hardly imaginable. A scenario cited as what we can expect for classical parts manufacturing in the future world of Industry 4.0 demands a vivid imagination when applied to processes typical of the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Yet also for the process industry, there is more to this topic than the movers and shakers behind Germany’s Industry 4.0 platform are prepared to imagine. mehr