Screw Pump

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L3MA Screw Pumps Designed to Meet API 676 Requirements

L3MA Screw Pumps

Produktbericht08.05.2015 Leistritz' L3MA three-spindle screw pumps were designed specifically to meet the demands of API 676. The standard covers the minimum requirements for rotating positive displacement pumps for use in the petrochemical and chemical industries as well as in the oil and gas industry. mehr

L3NX Screw Pump Energy-Saving Alternative to Centrifugal Pumps

L3NX Screw Pump

Produktbericht01.05.2015 The L3NX screw pump from Leistritz is the world's first screw pump of ISO 2858 geometry. The pump has the same geometrical dimensions as standard centrifugal and chemical pumps but is made completely of stainless steel and can be sealed with mechanical seals or by using a magnetic clutch.  mehr