28th ATC 2019: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry – Materials and Processes

The following topics will be part of the 2019 conference:
* Materials and Processes for Electronics
* Sustainable Inorganic Materials
* Advanced Characterization Methods
The plenary lecture related to the main-topic “Chemistry, Materials and Processes for Electronics” in 2019 will be given by Prof. Julien Bachmann (FAU Erlangen, Germany). Mr. Ralf Karch (Umicore) and Prof. Sundermeyer (Uni Marburg, Germany) will discuss the topic “Materials for LEDs” during a tandem lecture. Lecturers from companies will alternate with lecturers from academia, e.g. Mrs. Dr. Julia Lyubina (Evonik) will give a talk about “Industrial-scale synthesis of Si-based nanopowders for energy storage applications”. We are awaiting further invited lecturers from BASF, Umicore and Protochips. All speakers will discuss issues under the given topics.

In 2018 we had a successful ATC conference with 30 % attendees from industry which illustrated the relevance of the conferences’ topics for industry. Let’s continue this success story with ATC in 2019 in Frankfurt.