CO2 World Tour Utilization – From Demo to Market

It‘s summer so let‘s go site seeing!
Be part of our first DECHEMA Summer Special focusing on Carbon Capture and Utilization.
CCU pathways have been explored all over the world. Join us on our World Tour and visit several plants already in place across the globe.
Carbon Recycling International (CRI), INERATEC GmbH (Innovative Chemical Reactor Technologies) and Mineral Carbonation International (MCi) will warmly welcome you virtual in Iceland, Germany and Australia and demonstrate how CO2 can be used to produce chemicals, fuels and building materials!
During further stops in Switzerland and Canada the Climeworks AG and Carbon Engineering Ltd. will present how CO2 can be captured from the atmosphere for further processing. Travel nearly carbon free around the world and step virtually into real application and production sites.
CCU works! And now?
Experts on policy and regulations from public bodies, industry, academia and NGOs will discuss how CCU may overcome the demonstration phase. Taking the next step towards a real business case has important impacts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also leads to further independence of the process industry from fossil raw materials and fuels.