Contactless Magnetic Coupling

TIG Reciprocating Compressor

04.05.2015 Haug's TIG type compressor is the first reciprocating compressor to have a contactless magnetic coupling delivering a maximum drive power of 110 kW. The compressor is gas tight and 100 % oil-free thanks to its dry running design.

TIG Reciprocating Compressor

The compressor produces little vibration and is of modular design (Picture: Haug)

The compressor produces very little vibration and is of modular design. The power upgrade from 30 to 110 kW required new technologies to fit a dry running crank drive and a gas tight, contactless and wear-free drive with a magnetic coupling. Owing to the higher load capacity of the crank drive, the machine now has a higher discharge pressure, for example, for oil-free gas storage applications. Outstanding features of the compressors are: Permanent gas tightness – even at standstill – and no gas losses during compressor start/stop operation. No pollution of the environment by gas leakages and no contamination of the process gas by ambient air. The wear-free magnetic coupling works without energy losses. The flexible coupling protects the compressor from overload. 

Facts For Decision-Makers:


  • technically gas tight
  • contactless and wear-free drive 
  • overload protection

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