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Vacuum Pump Saurus939

01.04.2015 The low maintenance Lubri-Zero piston vacuum pump Saurus 939 is designed and manufactured by Italvacuum for continuous operation in demanding applications.

Vacuum Pump Saurus939

Bild: Italvacuum

Thanks to its simple and traditional design, together with innovative solutions, as the Lubri-Zero system – that consists of materials in PTFE with special charges that, beside being resistant to corrosion, practically do not require any lubrication, also allowing the use of synthetic FDA approved oils – the versatile piston vacuum pump confirms its ability to give incomparable performances in all chemical and pharmaceutical processes: such as drying, distillation, reaction and crystallization, ensuring a complete recovery of the extracted solvents, also under continuous and severe operation conditions, with an unchanged efficiency over time. The manufacturer guarantees absolute safety for the operators, low operation speed (250 rpm) and very low operating costs. The nominal flow rate reaches from 80 to 3.800 m3/h and a vacuum from 7 to 0.03 mbar. The pump also has an Atex-certification until zone 0; its barrel, piston, piston rings and head are made of special anti-acid cast iron.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • low operation speed
  • 80 to 3.800 m3/h
  • FDA approved oils

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