Visco.pump Progressive Cavity Pump

01.05.2015 The Visco.pump is a progressive cavity pump from Beinlich Pumpen. It has been specifically designed for dosing and dispensing of fluids and pastes proportional to speed. It can be used for precise dosing, such as bead or dot dispensing, as well as for filling of cavities.


The technology of the pump is based on the volumetric principle of an endless (infinite) piston while the core components rotor and stator form a sealed metering chamber. The eccentric movement of the rotor allows low-shear motion of the medium from one chamber to the next without squeezing the media. The metering chamber is optimally designed for dispensing liquids and pastes containing fillers. The accuracy and repeatability are ± 1%. During development of the progressive cavity pump the manufacturer focused on the geometries of the pump as well as on compensation of the inlet pressure to create a lightweight and space-saving solution. Modification of the rotor and stator geometries has made the pump smaller than previous systems.

Achema 2015 Hall 8.0 – D2 

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • lightweight
  • space-saving
  • no squeezing of the media