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VLT Plus Panel Configurator for Frequency Inverters

01.05.2015 The VLT Plus Panel Configurator from Danfoss is a free, web-based software tool that provides a control cabinet assembly kit for standards-compliant solutions. It enables quick planning of control cabinet solutions with VLT frequency inverters and allows orders to be placed in no time with the automatically generated plans.

VLT Plus Panel Configurator for Frequency Inverters

The configurator automatically generates plans and allows orders to be placed in no time (Picture: Danfoss)

In order to implement energy-efficient drive solutions in production facilities, users often require an overall solution instead of a simple drive in the form of a control cabinet equipped with all components. Complete solutions from a single provider are in demand, especially in the medium power range of 90 to 630 kilowatts, where the majority of applications are to be found. Before now, implementing a robust, suitable and reliable control cabinet solution required extensive expertise and lots of planning time. Now users have round-the-clock access to a free configurator to help with planning and designing a complete drive solution. The tool can be used to compile and order a complete control cabinet much more quickly and easily. It compiles a complete, ready-configured package including extensive documentation for the user – without them having to acquire in-depth knowledge about cabinet construction or the corresponding standards.

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Facts for Decision Makers:
  • quick planning
  • web-based software
  • automatically generated plans