Total Transparency of Welding Process

Welding Power Supply

25.04.2018 The new Orbimat 180 SW from Orbitalum embodies Industry 4.0 technology and promises enhanced quality, safety, and flexibility for orbital welding.


Facts for Decision Makers:

  • integrated LAN and WLAN interface
  • precise welding gas control
  • seams almost oxidation-free

This intelligent power supply sets new standards in welding results, operability, and communication. Unbroken capture and back-up of data on the customer‘s LAN made possible by integrated LAN and WLAN interface provides the high level of transparency demanded by Industry 4.0. All welding data and programs for each individual welding process can be called up and documented in full, analyzed, used, and optimized for future welding processes. The power supply thus facilitates more sustainable quality management. Digital and precise welding gas control saves gas, reduces costs, and gives reproducible welding results.

Incorporation of the unique Flow-Force function minimises gas pre-flow and post-flow times and thus enhances productivity by shortening the welding process when using closed welding heads: The digital gas control supplies safety gas at a very high volumetric flow rate directly from the pressure regulator to the welding head, rapidly flushing out unwanted residual oxygen. The optionally activatable permanent gas function prevents the penetration of oxygen into the welding head, even during secondary processing times. As a result, the system achieves almost completely oxidation-free seams.

Achema 2018 Halle 9.2 – D10


The intelligent power supply permits full documentation of each individual orbital welding process. Image: Orbitalum