Lightweigh Canister

Alumini 70 Gas Canisters

07.05.2015 The new Alumini-70 canisters from Westfalen Group are small and handy and come into their own when traditional steel cylinders are too heavy, when more mobility is needed, or when only little gas is required. The featherweight canister, which contains 112 litres of gas under 70 bar filling pressure, weighs in at a mere 1.2 kg.

Alumini 70 Gas Canisters

Weighing a mere 1.2 kg, the new canister is designed for really easy use in a wide range of measuring devices (Picture: Westfalen)

Thanks to internationally standardised UNF sizes the canisters can be quickly and easily employed on a wide range of measuring equipment without any additional fittings being needed – saving time, money, and hassle.  The manufacturer offers a complete range of gas delivery formats ranging from small canisters, via cylinders and bundles, all the way up to tanker trailers. A range of gases – including helium – can also be supplied in cryogenically-liquefied form in static or mobile tanks.
Hall 11.0 – A49

Facts for Decision Makers: 

  • low weight 
  • 70 bar filling pressure 
  • 112 litres of gas