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Filtration is not interrupted during the backwash procedure. The regeneration system permits even the finest filter materials to be repeatedly cleaned on a long-term basis, ensuring a longer service life. The new filter offers much finer filtration than conventional backwash filters. Hitherto, filtration applications placing stringent demands on filtrate quality required a combination of backwash and bag (or candle) filters for pre-filtration of coarse particles. The fine separation achieved by this filter (mostly between 1 and 25 microns) now obviates the need for such high-maintenance equipment.  Individual applications range from automated parts cleaning to process filtration in a chemical plant, water filtration and coolant lubricant regeneration as well as high-viscosity fluids like dips and paints. 

Hall 5.0 – E17

Facts for Decision Makers:

  • long filter material service life
  • down to 1 µm filter fineness
  • easy maintenance


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