Gas Analysis in Natural Gas and Biogas Plants

Inca Gas Analysis System

01.04.2015 Inca is a modular device platform for multi-component gas analysis with a particular focus on the biogas and natural gas industries.

Inca Gas Analysis System

The analyzer is used especially for analyzing the methane content, Wobbe index, heating value, and specific density of natural gas (Picture: Union Instruments)

As in a modular construction system, blocks for active gas sampling, gas processing as well as sensors, controller, data processing and communication are combined to form robust and reliable analysis systems. The standardized modules enable a variety of customized solutions for specific analysis tasks and combine optimal analysis results with favorable costs. The user benefits from the convenience of the modular system. For example, individual components can be replaced directly in the field. When equipped accordingly, the system permits sequential switchover of the measuring technology to different sample gas streams from up to 10 measuring points, e.g., for sampling from multiple fermenters in biogas plants. A variety of sensors with different measuring ranges are available for the devices. These include NDIR sensors (for CH4, CO2, C2+), electrochemical sensors (for O2, H2S, and H2), paramagnetic sensors (for O2), and acoustic cells (for specific density). Additionally, the Wobbe index and heating value can be output as calculated values. The sensors are developed and produced in house by Union Instruments, thereby assuring high quality and measuring accuracy. Customized enhancements are also available on this basis.

Facts For Decision-Makers:

  • modular device platform
  • up to 10 measuring points
  • customization available

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