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Optimisation of production processes is currently the principal topic of concern in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This is the conclusion drawn from a broad-based survey among 1200 decision makers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries starting on page 12. But what points favour operation of production plant in an industrial park and not on a greenfield site? This question can be answered in a variety of different ways. For a start, there is a-bove all the generally excellent infrastructure tailored to sector-specific needs – e.g. the location and transport connections, which were already decisive for the initial occupa-tion of a site. Further attractive features are the supply of utilities, as well as the provision of safety installations, which are no longer the concern of the chemical manufacturer and would be very costly for an individual company. Overall the resources a- vailable in an industrial park are utilised more effectively than in industrial facilities scattered at various locations.

This International Compendium of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech Industrial Parks concisely summarises current aspects of industrial parks and views itself as a platform for presentation of specific trends in site marketing and services to a broad public. In our market overview starting on page 32 we have compiled the characteristic data of more than 50 industrial parks focussing on chemistry/pharmaceuticals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Numerous chemical parks and service providers present their services in self-portraits. And the owners are going to great lengths to improve the attractivness of their parks. A current example: To lower energy costs industrial parks are organising competition among power generators, as outlined in our article starting on page 20 lines out.

No doubt about it: In an international competition situation characterised by increas-ing consolidation of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in which previously integrated companies will continue to demerge their business operations, the industrial park is the ultimate survival strategy permitting a company to concentrate on its core business.

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Heftausgabe: Compendium Industrial Parks 2009 2008

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