Compendium of Industrial Parks 2013

The range offered by the affiliates based at industrial parks includes the planning and assembly of industrial assets, intelligent maintenance management, turnaround management and execution, debottlenecking and modernisation. This is supplemented by expert maintenance of rotating equipment as well as planning, maintenance and calibration of measuring, control and analysis equipment. One special feature is full-service solutions for end-to-end management of industrial assets. This will now be illustrated by reference to selected facilities.

Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park
With its specialist workshops, Bilfinger Maintenance Süd is based directly at the Höchst Industrial Park. In this way, it is able to offer fast reaction with short assembly and repair times, something which optimises the efficiency and availability of customers‘ assets. These customers are predominantly active in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry. The company also specialises in maintenance for machine and drive systems. One special feature comprises full-service contracts for all types of pumps, electric motors and process analysis systems. If any of these systems fails, a replacement can be provided with minimum delay – at no additional expense.

Gersthofen Industrial Park
Bilfinger Maintenance Süd also operates at the Gersthofen Industrial Park near Augsburg. Its customers at this site are active in chemicals and energy. In 2013, the Bilfinger specialists demonstrated their skills in a special way for a project for Clariant, installing a new process control system for a specialty chemicals plant within the space of only two weeks. The contract entailed the complete assembly of the new system including detailed planning of the conversion work and documentation.

Leuna, Bitterfeld, Piesteritz, Schkopau and Brunsbüttel Chemical Parks
Bilfinger Maintenance Nord operates at no less than five large industrial parks, focusing on refineries and power stations as well as chemical and petrochemical plants. Thus, Xentrys awarded the Bilfinger experts a contract for piping work worth over seven million euros in the construction of its new polymerisation plant in Leuna. The company is particularly skilled in the planning and European-wide execution of major turnarounds for refineries and petrochemical plants. It also offers HSEQ consulting.

Linz Chemical Park, Austria
At the Linz Chemical Park in Austria, Bilfinger Chemserv serves major international customers from the chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries among others. It also has its own, state-
accredited testing institution, allowing it to offer special testing and consulting services. As well as this, Bilfinger Chemserv is a specialist in major turnarounds in the chemicals and petrochemicals industry. Thus,
Borealis relies on the Bilfinger experts‘ skills for its turnarounds in Linz and nearly all other sites around the world.

Saltend Chemicals Park, United Kingdom
Bilfinger Industrial Services UK is a strategic partner to the Saltend Chemcials Park, a cluster of world class chemicals and renewable energy businesses, located close to the city of Hull in Eastern England. Its customers include BP, Vivergo Fuels, Ineos and Yara. In addition to providing day to day maintenance, the company is also responsible for the delivery of turnaround services, providing support in planning, scheduling, project management and execution, together with the coordination of interfaces and management of large increases in site resource for short periods of high intensity activity.

Herøya Industrial Park, Norway
Bilfinger Industrial Services operates as a combined service provider at the Herøya Industrial Park, serving customers in the chemicals, petrochemical and energy industry. One key activity involves the performance-optimised maintenance of onshore and offshore assets. This is supplemented with engineering and assembly of industrial assets as well as logistic services.

Company Profile

Bilfinger Industrial
Approx. 38,000 employees
Revenues of over EUR 3.7 billion in 2012
Over 130 locations in Europe, North America and India

Selected facilities at industrial parks:

Frankfurt-Höchst Industrial Park
Bilfinger Maintenance Süd

  • Maintenance and assembly, mechanics and E/I&C
  • Fabrication and special workshop activities
  • EI&C and analysis technology
  • Machinery and drive engineering
  • Full service and rental equipment pool
  • 24-hour service, Tel.: +49 69 305-4339

Gersthofen Industrial Park
Bilfinger Maintenance Süd

  • Engineering, maintenance and assembly,
  • mechanics and E/I&C
  • Fabrication and special workshop activities
  • EI&C and analysis technology
  • Machinery and drive engineering
  • Full service and rental equipment pool
  • 24-hour service, Tel.: +49 821 479-2891

Leuna, Bitterfeld, Brunsbüttel, Piesteritz
and Schkopau Chemical Parks
Bilfinger Maintenance Nord

  • Planning
  • Assembly
  • Process instrumentation
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Turnarounds and revamping, Tel.: +49 3461 43-2743

Linz Chemical Park
Bilfinger Chemserv

  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Turnarounds and revamping
  • Testing and advisory services
  • Safety technology, Tel.: +43 732 6917-0

Saltend Chemicals Parc, Hull (UK)
Bilfinger Industrial Services UK

  • Maintenance and assembly
  • E/I&C
  • Scaffolding and insulation
  • Project planning
  • Turnaround services, Tel.: +44 1928 5300-00

Herøya Industrial Park
Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway

  • Maintenance and assembly
  • Project managing and engineering
  • E/I&C, mechanics and automation
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Logistics services, Tel.: +47 908 92-583

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