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They turn the GENDORF Chemical Park into a magnet for the chemical industry. The GENDORF Chemical Park is home to over 30 companies in the fields of basic and specialty chemistry, plastics, energy and industrial services. It is operated byInfraServ Gendorf.

Space to Grow

Almost no other chemical park in Germany has comparably large free and expansion space suited for even larger relocations, while also being at a considerable distance to nearby settlements. In addition to the already developed 197 hectare grounds of the chemical park, there are 50 hectares of expansion space available for further settlements of companies – ranging from parcels of a few hundred square meters to contiguous space of five hectares or more. And the best part: InfraServ Gendorf will advise companies on the ideal integration and accompanies investment projects with professional permit management support. This ensures fast-track decision-making and high planning reliability.

Infrastructure for Your Success

At the GENDORF Chemical Park, site companies can focus on their core business. With 1,000 employees the site operator InfraServ Gendorf supplies the whole infrastructure and all required site services. Operating and investment costs can be dramatically reduced by having several companies share the infrastructure and by having the site operator InfraServ Gendorf bundle support processes. This helps to be one step ahead of competitors: with services and infrastructure specifically matched to the needs as a chemical company.

InfraServ Gendorf: The Opportunity Multiplier

InfraServ Gendorf is in charge of all site-wide functions, for instance the supply of energy and utilities, safety, disposal of waste water and waste, as well as logistics. The chemical park operator also provides additional services that are specifically tailored to the chemical industry. These include plant engineering, maintenance, environmental services like measurements and permits as well as IT solutions and (continuing) training.

The Integrated Flow of Production

The companies at the GENDORF Chemical Park are tightly linked and therefore conserve raw materials, energy, and costs. The integrated flow of production and materials ensures that products and waste of one operation become the raw materials for another – without lengthy transportation routes. This decreases emissions and waste, and reduces safety and environmental risks. The integrated structure is therefore highly-efficient – not only from a financial point of view, but also in terms of ecological benefits.

High Investments, Attractive Location

In GENDORF Chemical Part, site companies are part of a chemical park developing in a dynamic way. Over the last five years, site operator InfraServ Gendorf alone invested more than EUR 100 million into a modern site infrastructure. Over the same period, the other site companies additionally invested EUR 250 million into expansions and upgrades of their facilities. The sufficient number of highly-qualified experts in the region was also an important reason for many companies in the chemical park to increasingly locate research and development activities in Gendorf.

Company Profile


  • The GENDORF Chemical Park is the largest Chemical Park in Bavaria
  • More than 30 companies located on site
  • Approx. 4,000 employees
  • 197 hectares in total
  • 50 hectares available for expansions or new industrial settlements
  • Economic strength and ecologic benefit by integrated flow of production

Partners on site:

  • Archroma, Clariant, Dyneon (3M), Global Amines, Gore, Klöckner Pentaplast, Linde, Vinnolit etc.

Site operator: InfraServ Gendorf:

  • Employees: approx. 1,000
  • InfraServ Gendorf provides site services and tailored industrial solutions for chemical and process industry

Services of InfraServ Gendorf:

  • Site Solutions: Site services, Energy & Utilities, Disposal, Logistics
  • Individual Solutions: Engineering, Maintenance, Environmental Services, IT Services, Training

Energy & utilities:

  • Power and natural Gas grid and supply, steam, fully de-ionized water, cooling water, process water, potable water, compressed and instrument air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon

Region: Site advantage Bavaria

  • Strong chemical region
    The GENDORF Chemical Park is part of ChemDelta Bavaria. The full bandwidth of the industry is concentrated in this important European chemical region: mid-sized companies and global players, producers and service providers.
  • Concentrated economic power
    The companies in the Bavarian ChemDelta employ a workforce of roughly 20,000 employees who generate more than EUR 10 billion in annual revenues.
  • Extensive know-how
    Specialized training and continuing education facilities along with a large number of universities within a range of 100 kilometers make the region into a chemical competence center of European rank.


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