Compendium of Industrial Parks 2013

The ideal environment for a company to thrive is therefore one that provides quick and easy access to business partners and auxiliary services, thereby allowing time- and cost-efficient operation with reduced administrative burden. A specialised industrial park addresses all these issues enabling even smaller companies to undertake their own production.
The industrial park Behringwerke Marburg, with approximately 5,100 employees in 17 companies, is a biotech-centre and not – as is often the case – a classical „chemical park“. The location is attractive to pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, and nanotechnology enterprises which can manage the complete biotech value chain, from research and development to biomanufacturing and registration of pharmaceuticals on site. Together with comprehensive services and a sophisticated infrastructure, the park offers vital access to industry networks as well as a close link to scientific research at
Phillipps-Universität  in Marburg. Park tenants include globally active pharma producers such as CSL Behring, Novartis Vaccines, and Siemens Healthcare & Diagnostics, which attract smaller companies as science and business partners. Overall, the proximity to industry-insiders provides a wealth of synergies holding promise of long-term success for biotech companies.

Pharmaserv Provides
the Platform for Success

The industrial park is managed by Pharmaserv, which specializes in support for biotechnology and pharmaceutical production. Site management is one core competence: Pharmaserv manages over 100 rental buildings for production, laboratories, office space, or storage areas, and covers all aspects of housing, site-, plant-, and facility management. The resulting hassle-free  environment enables companies to concentrate on their main business. As a reliable site management partner, Pharmaserv supports all aspects of a company‘s successful long term development.
Another core competence of Pharmaserv is its broad range of standard and custom-tailored services in almost all areas of technology, infrastructure, engineering, system solutions, environment, and health. Whether single services or integrated solutions,
Pharmaserv delivers on time, within budget, and on demand – from janitors to biomanufacturing specialists. Long-standing experience and specific pharmaceutical expertise ensure that all services meet the highest quality demands of GMP-relevant and FDA-relevant regulations.

Rooted in Tradition,
Primed for the Future

A century after its foundation, the biotech-park Behringwerke at Marburg numbers among the most powerful biotechnology locations worldwide,  thereby continuing its tradition as a successful biopharmaceutical location. During the past five years, huge efforts have been made to enhance the productivity and capacity of the site infrastructure and the building and service portfolio. Clear evidence for this change is provided by projects such as the temperature controlled GDP warehouse distributing pharmaceuticals all over the world, as well as  the complete reengineering of the steam raising plant, additional standalone power plants, and a new data centre. Additionally, construction of  several customer-specific buildings was completed within the same period. All those projects have one idea in common: customer empowerment through maximum performance and high cost effectiveness. They also clearly showcase Pharmaserv‘s role as a responsible site manager. And there is still room for growth: 9.4 ha of free space can be occupied by new tenants. Pharmaserv invites life science companies to add to the attractiveness of the park by choosing it as their business location.
As a future-oriented site managing company, Pharmaserv is continually expanding its service portfolio and its networks according to customers‘ needs, and is therefore convinced that the biotech park Behringwerke Marburg provides the ideal environment for life science companies to succeed and to the acquire and retain that essential competitive edge.

Company Profile
Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG
– Sitemanagement and Services

Managing Director / CEO:
Thomas Janssen

73 Mio € (2012)

Business Activities:

  • Site / Facility Management
  • Services for biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies

Special Features:

  • Rental and comprehensive management of plants and facilities
  • Safe and reliable energy management
  • Integrated technical service solutions, from blueprint to turn-key-production plants
  • Development and implementation of modern information and communication technologies
  • Logistic services including warehouse under GMP conditions for pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Occupational health services
  • Consulting services for environmental, safety, and waste management

CSL Behring
Novartis Vaccines
Beckmann Coulter
Dockweiler Chemicals

Pharmaserv GmbH & Co. KG
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 76
35041 Marburg
Tel.: +49 6421 39 14
Fax: +49 6421 39 63 00

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