Compendium of Industrial Parks 2013

In 1863, 150 years ago, „Theerfarbenfabrik Meister, Lucius & Co.“, the predecessor of Farbwerke Hoechst and Hoechst AG, was established. Today, Industriepark Höchst is one of the largest research and production sites in the European chemical and pharmaceutical industry and a key driver of the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main economic region. The park´s tenants have written the latest chapters in its long success story and driven its dynamic development. They  invested an impressive EUR 310 million just in 2012 bringing the total to around EUR 5.5 billion since 2000.
This considerable level of investment results from numerous individual projects completed by the approximately 90 on-site companies who find Industriepark Höchst to offer a highly modern and above all competitive infrastructure leaving little to be desired – optimum conditions benefiting all those present on the site.
The numerous advantages of its location make the Industriepark Höchst an attractive site: The occupants benefit from favourable transport conditions with connections to the autobahn and railway networks and the River Main as waterway, and above all, of course, from the closeness of Frankfurt Airport – destinations all over the world can be reached within the shortest possible time from Industriepark Höchst. The trimodal port, which came into operation in 2004, guarantees optimum networking of rail, road, and waterway, and serves to optimise logistics.
90 companies, almost 150?years of chemistry tradition: The former headquarters of Hoechst AG is an established site where researchers, manufacturers, customers, and service providers form a smoothly functioning network. This applies to goods and raw materials, and also to the demands placed on service providers and infrastructure. The maze of pipework within the Industriepark testifies to the extensive raw material and production networks. In addition, there are networks based, for example, on joint activities in future-oriented technologies. In addition, the 22,000?employees themselves also form a network in which contacts are readily made and cultivated. Industriepark Höchst embodies a wealth of research and production know-how. Short distances to customers or service providers – this also goes to make Industriepark Höchst what it is.
Further advantages: Supply and disposal systems as required by chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies are all available. The very broad range of services on offer has arisen in response to the various needs of the large number of companies undertaking research and production in the Industrial Park. Thus the site operator Infraserv Höchst offers numerous services in various areas to ensure that companies are not burdened with secondary processes.
For example, all the media and raw materials required by chemical and pharmaceutical companies are available on-site, from process steam to purified-water – the world‘s largest production plant for pharmaceutical grade water is located in Industriepark Höchst.
In the area of energy supply, Infraserv Höchst also offers contracting models and appropriate energy-management systems which can have a long-term positive influence on energy costs – a decisive production factor for the chemical and processing industries. It should be mentioned that energy prices in the Industriepark Höchst are highly competitive by German and European standards, owing to highly efficient combined steam/power generation. An ultramodern wastewater purification plant satisfies the most stringent demands and guarantees environmentally compatible cost-optimised disposal. Not only for large companies: Small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from the infrastructure through specially tailored concepts and solutions. This also applies to the areas of logistics and facility management. Infraserv Logistics, a fully owned subsidiary of Infraserv Höchst, is much in demand as logistics service provider for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Provadis, partner for staff training and further education, ensures a supply of qualified personnel in the Industriepark Höchst.
In addition to the Industrial Park operating company, which also runs a fire brigade, two occupational health centres as well as site security and other indispensable features of an industrial site, there are numerous other service providers specialised in responding to the needs of industrial companies and offering customised services. Patent lawyer, engineering consultants and technical inspectorate, as well as catering services, personnel services and many
others. Therefore new companies setting up business in the Industrial Park find all the support they need to pursue their business activities without having to undertake any great investment therein or in the provision of an individual, specially customised infrastructure package.

Company Profile

  • 4.6?million?m2 total area, > 500?000?m2 of pre-
  • developed vacant space
  • 5.5 billion Euros investment by on-site companies between 2000 and 2012
  • excellent transport connections
  • fast processing of building permit applications
  • optimum integration into a wide-ranging network of production plant and infrastructure facilities, especially for the processing industry

On-site companies:
Location of about 90 companies active in the areas of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology (including Sanofi, Bayer CropScience, Clariant, Celanese,
LyondellBasell, AkzoNobel, Kuraray, Cargill, Rockwood Lithium). 22,000 employees

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Infraserv Höchst operates advanced infrastructure for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries. Infraserv Höchst leverages its experience and capabilities in site operation, management and consulting to deliver site excellence for its customers. The company, which operates sites such as Industriepark Höchst, offers services in utilities, waste management, logistics and site services.
The wholly owned subsidiaries in the Infraserv Höchst Group include Infraserv Logistics, Provadis Partner für Bildung und Beratung and Technion, a provider of pilot plant services.
Numerous service providers on-site,
including patent lawyers, planning offices, analytical services, printers, travel service, engineering, courier service, technical inspectorate, and many others.

Power/media supplies:
Distribution networks for electricity, steam, water in  quality grades, natural gas, refrigeration, industrial gases, compressed air.

Frankfurt Metropolitan Area – Facts:

  • Population: 5,52 million
  • Companies (2011): 395.000
  • GDP (2009): 179 billion euros
  • International Consulates: 99
  • Foreign Chambers of Commerce and
  • Trade Missions: 60
  • Tourism offices from 58 countries
  • Foreign business and cultural clubs: 180
  • International schools: 13
  • Number of fairs in Frankfurt am Main: 37
  • Number of fair exhibitors: 38,184
  • Number of fair visitors: 2,3 million
  • Universities > 40
  • Students > 160.000

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG
Contact: Frank Barekzai
Tel.: 069/305 46303

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