Compendium of Industrial Parks 2014

Infrapark Baselland AG (Infrapark), a company of the Clariant Group, runs the Muttenz site located close to Basel in the center of Europe.Basel is one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world. In the Basel area you will find an enormous concentration of innovative companies, an open-minded culture, an international environment, business friendly conditions and quality of life that will fulfill the most stringent requirements.
Infrapark provides the chemical and life sciences industry with 37 hectares of outstanding developed real estate. Besides existing buildings which can be converted, around 10 hectares of free plots are available to interested companies. Customers of Infrapark as well as companies outside the chemical park benefit from a comprehensive range of services which allow them to concentrate on their core business activities.
The Infrapark site is ideal also from a logistics point of view: direct access to the Rhine river and to the Port „Auhafen“ via a short rail connection (goods do not have to be transported on the road), situated close to one of the largest marshaling yards in Europe (Muttenz) and excellent access to the highway network.
Since recently Infrapark has developed a new kind of service model: Infrapark employees who are experienced and well trained in the field of chemical production and processes are running chemical operations for some companies at our site in line with the standard operation procedures defined by the customers. This model is especially interesting for companies with a production output that shows a high fluctuation. On the other hand it allows Infrapark to have high employee efficiency due to deployment of production workers in various projects.
According to our customers, one of the decisive factors to settle their enterprise at Infrapark site Muttenz is the speed with which they can realize their business, be it the permit to start with the construction work of a production building or the permit to start manufacturing  chemical products. Compared to other European locations the authorities show a pragmatic approach in dealing with special requests and are very familiar with the processes in the chemical industry. In addition, thanks to the well established connections of the Environment Health and Safety department of Infrapark, the early informal exchange of information with authorities enables companies to achieve target-oriented solutions.
The site, operating as a chemical park since the beginning of 2011 shows an impressive growth. In the past three years the turnover with third party customers grew by more than 40% and 200 additional jobs were created. During this period tenants invested approximately CHF 150 million in various projects to expand production capacities. To support this expansion Infrapark spent more than CHF 10 millions per year in infrastructure like waste water pretreatment, energy and utility supply. The most recent investment into a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) was put into operation in October. The treatment of the exhaust air of the water pretreatment plant allows for higher throughputs while complying with the regulations of the Swiss Federal Ordinance on Air Pollution Control.
To date 15 companies are based at Infrapark. These companies are active in the field of the production and development of specialty chemicals, green chemicals, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical gas products, but also chemical logistics, lab automation and other services that support the manufacturing companies at site and are not part of Infrapark‘s service offering.

Services for you
Facilities Management and Administration
We are anxious to keep our customers‘ operating and administration costs low by means of our professional facilities management: You profit from our professional management and administration services. We attend to facilities management needs including the maintenance and monitoring of buildings and plants around the clock.
We offer our customers a wealth of energy products (i.e. electricity, natural gas, steam, cooling media, compressed air) and resources (i.e. water, nitrogen, acids and alkalis).

Waste Disposal
Our customers at Infrapark profit from our comprehensive waste management program. It extends from incineration of solid, liquid as well as gaseous waste including source exhaust air (collection pipe) and an environmentally friendly solvent regeneration right through to a unique waste water pretreatment plant. The plant can treat effluents that are heavily loaded with organic substances; contain copper either in complex or ionic form or other heavy metals. This service is not only offered on site but to chemical companies all over Europe.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Infrapark has designated experts who provide solutions-led advice to our customers for their individual projects and for operating their plant and storage facilities. We help provide a safe work environment as well as support the completion of the groundwork and documents required to ensure the viability of their investment planning for submission to the responsible authorities. This service is the key to our success. Companies are always pleasantly surprised about the speed and efficiency in receiving building or production permits thanks to the professional support of the Infrapark HSE specialists.

We have many years of experience in the storage, transportation and handling of hazardous substances and dangerous goods. We are able to prepare the relevant paperwork and provide an all-inclusive storage service.

Technical Services
We have an expert team of consultants with many years of experience in engineering available to support our customers. In addition to engineering consultancy, we also provide support in the planning of processing plants in terms of control systems, process control engineering and processing.

We offer services for the maintenance of equipment being used in production to our customers in Infrapark, as well as maintenance services for buildings and infrastructure. In particular the commissioning, inspection, corrective and preventive maintenance, 24h trouble-shooting as well as assembling and dismantling of equipment and installations are part of the service package.  

Our expertise in industrial, environmental, consumer goods and REACh-analytics for a vast field of chemical compounds enables us to provide competent services to our clients. The analytical labs at Infrapark have received ISO 17025 accreditation after having been audited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). The accreditation allows us an even better support of our customers in solving complex problems by offering efficient, targeted and economic solutions.

Company Profile
Infrapark is the perfect location for industrial companies which are active in research, development and/or production, especially those in the chemical and life sciences industries.

Infrapark provides the industry with a comprehensive range of services and 37 hectares of outstanding developed real estate. We comply with all provisions of Swiss SEVESO and dangerous goods regulations and therefore provide state-of-the-art requirements for a safe and environmentally sustainable industrial location.

Situated at the heart of Europe at the point where Switzerland, Germany and France meet, Infrapark is integrated into the business hub of Basel. Hardly any other region demonstrates a comparable convergence of industrial companies and research institutions in the chemical and life sciences industries as Basel.

Infrapark is extremely well-connected to international transportation routes by means of rail, road and river, with its own access to the Rhine. The EuroAirport is just 18 km away.


  • Facilities management and administration 
  • Utilities 
  • Waste disposal
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Technical services
  • Analytics

Located companies:
Aprentas; AVA Biochem BSL AG; Bayer (Schweiz) AG, CropScience Production; Beyond Surface Technologies AG; Brenntag Schweizerhall AG; Clariant International AG; Clariant SE, Frankfurt am Main, Zweigniederlassung Muttenz, Schweiz; Clariant Produkte (Schweiz) AG; Comar Chemie AG; Lehmann Rohrleitungsbau AG; Mitwill AG/Radex AG; PanGas AG; Permatech GmbH; RPD Tool Technologies GmbH; Step Bios GmbH; Weylchem Switzerland AG
Infrapark® is a trademark owned by and registered by Clariant AG.

Dr. Gaudenz Furler
Infrapark Baselland AG
Rothausstrasse 61
CH-4132 Muttenz
Tel.: +41 61 469 75 85
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Rothausstrasse 61
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